The Spectrum

Aromanticism is a big spectrum with tons of different experiences! The aromantic spectrum encompasses all the experiences and identities of folks who might not perfectly fit the definition of aromanticism but still find the experience closely resonates.

Here are some more common aro-spec identities and new ones are emerging everyday!

Grayromantic: describes someone who doesn’t 100% fit the definition of aromantic but still closely resonates with many aromantic experiences. This may be someone who experiences romantic attraction rarely or has attraction that blurs between romantic and platonic or countless other possibilities. (Also spelled greyromantic, grey-aromantic or gray-aromantic)

Quoiromantic/WTFromantic: describes people who don’t understand romantic orientation or don’t feel it applies. Also used by people who don’t see a distinction between platonic and romantic attraction.

Demiromantic: describes people who only feel romantic attraction to someone they have established a close emotional connection with.

Lithromantic/Akoiromantic: describes someone who experiences romantic attraction but doesn’t want it to be reciprocated. Their attraction made fade once it’s reciprocated.

Cupioromantic: describes someone not romantically attracted to anyone, but who wants to form a romantic relationship.