Here are some types of attraction that aros may or may not experience.

Sexual attraction: A feeling of attraction to someone’s physical appearance with a sexual component, or desire to touch someone sexually.

Sensual attraction: Attraction that involves a desire to touch or be physically close to someone, but not necessarily in a sexual way.

Platonic attraction: Desire for friendship or another close non-romantic relationship with someone. The platonic version of a crush is called a squish.

Alterous attraction: Attraction that isn’t platonic or romantic but falls in the space between these two types of attraction.

Aesthetic attraction: An interest or desire to look at someone and appreciate their appearance, but which isn’t necessarily sexual or romantic.

Attraction, just like all human experiences, is strange, blurry, messy and widely varied. Don’t expect that all experiences will neatly fit into these categories or that these definitions are sufficient for all people.

Also, attraction isn’t needed to form a relationship. For example, many people build platonic relationships without feeling platonic attraction or having squishes.

For more information on different types of attraction and words for their associated crush type look check out this table put together by Split Attraction Terminology