Aromanticism 101

Aromanticism is the experience of not experiencing romantic attraction. People who are aromantic, often abbreviated to aro, have varied experiences in their lives and don’t all understand and experience their aromanticism in the same way.

Are all aromantic people asexual and are all asexual people aromantic?

Nope! Some people are aromantic and allosexual, someone who experiences sexual attraction and isn’t asexual, and some people are asexual and alloromantic, someone who experiences romantic attraction and isn’t aromantic. Others are both aromantic and asexual.

However, asexual and aromantic identities do share a history and have overlapping communities so it’s common to see both of them talked about in the same space.

Is aromanticism a spectrum?

Aromantic is a big spectrum with lots of different experiences and identities under it. To explore some aro-spec identities and experiences visit our Spectrum page

Do aromantic people experience attraction?

Some do, some don’t. There are countless ways to experience attraction and aromantic experiences are all over the place. To learn more about different types and experiences of attraction visit our Attraction page

Do aromantic people have relationships?

Some do, some don’t. Some aros are in romantic relationships, some are in platonic relationships, some are in sexual relationships, some are in all of these, some are in other relationships and some are in none. Aro experiences are widely varied! To learn more about aromantic relationships visit our Relationships page.